A good movie becomes great when it is made as realistic as possible. Having a realistic concept and real life personalities in the cast are some of the ways in making a movie realistic. One movie who did just that is Oliver Stone’s 2010 movie entitled Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. This movie sequel (first film was released in 1987) revolved around the 2008 financial crisis that hit the United States. The film starred Michael Douglas Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, Eli Wallach, Susan Sarandon, Vanessa Ferlito, and Frank Langella.

Knowing that the film involved Wall Street, United State’s premier financial district found in New York City, Stone thought that they needed a respected man in Wall Street to serve as a trader. They got it with Thomas Belesis, considered as one of Wall Street’s real financial stars. Belesis has a very long and extensive experience in the world of Wall Street and it was just fitting that he was selected for that role. He has almost 20 years of working experience in Wall Street where he worked his way up to become who he is today.

Aside from Thomas Belesis role on screen, he also had a duty off screen. Belesis also served as the advisor for Stone which helped the director to get a more authentic view of Wall Street. Thomas Belesis’ experience in the financial district helped greatly in getting that realistic Wall Street in the movie. His advice to Stone helped the movie to gain more than $134 million in box office sales.

The selection of Belesis to that role was by accident. When the team of Stone was researching about the trading firms in Wall Street, the management of the Trump building recommended them to see the trading floor where John Thomas Financial (Belesis’ company) was found. After that, the rest is history.

Nobody thought that Belesis could act like what he did in Wall Street 2. His performance in that movie showed that he is not only a good in the world of finances but he could also have a career in movies. Belesis was praised for being a person with great knowledge and skills in the financial industry, now he was praised for what he did with Wall Street 2.

The realistic concept of Wall Street 2 featuring a bona fide Wall Street financial expert made this good movie a great one.


When it comes to provide financial guidance and other services related to the sector, there are many companies out there. However, you simply cannot invest your money according to them, without knowing the root of the company. You certainly need to know the background of the same, and where it comes from. John Thomas Financial is one such company, which is extremely popular in the market in providing all kind of financial services. Though it has been founded recently in the year 1997 by Thomas Belesis, it has earned huge accolades from its clients. In fact, it has certainly raised the standards of research and development about the different aspects of the market.
The founder of the company is said to have started the same with mere three members. With continued dedication and hard work, he developed his team to 300 over the years. This simply implies the success rate of the company and what kind of expertise level the employees have. However, this has all been possible because of Mr. Thomas as he himself is the backbone of the company. His idea about the market trends, fluctuations in the prices of stock market and many other things are simply at par. Probably, this is the reason why, his suggestions are so vital.
Thomas Belesis has also been the guest on various television business channels, and expressed his views about the market. And, a person speaking on a television is certainly understood to be quite a knowledgeable and experienced player of the market. His tips and guidance is what, almost all the companies and individuals are looking for. Again, there are various other unique financial services offered by his company. You can actually get a detailed knowledge about the investment banking, portfolio management, retail brokerage and many other corporate services.
All of these services are provided only after a good research about the same is done in the market. Most importantly, people even get benefited from his suggestions and get an opportunity to multiply their money. His presence in the financial market has certainly been dynamic. The way he calculates the risks and various other economic condition, it is simply amazing. There are certainly lots of permutations and combinations to be applied, before reaching the final result. This is what is of utmost importance for Thomas Belesis. And, this is why he has achieved such huge success in the field for the past couple of years.

selecting a drink driving solicitors or lawless person lawyer isn’t very simple when you’re facing charges at the police position. All too often, you’ll take the first lawyer that answers your call for help. You could be fortuitous and apprehend a obligation lawyer with know-how in management your type of case, but that’s atypical. You do not, although, have to hold the lawyer who provided you advice at the policeman position if you’d rather be comprised by a more skilled expert. This can be particularly significant in the later phases of drink driving cases. These tips can help you choose the right solicitor to suggest you and represent you if you should proceed before the court.

Speak to a lawyer First

It’s important to recall that it’s not the aim of the policemanman to do act in your best interest. While there are strict directions about what the police may and may not do when questioning you, those directions aren’t always followed. Whether you’re under suspicion of drink going by car, deception, assault or some other criminal act, the police will use anything methods they can to get information. Those methods can lead to unintentional self-incrimination. You have the right to recommendations from a lawyer when you are being consulted at the station. Use that right.

lawless person lawful Aid Will Try to come to a Specific lawyer

If you currently have a connection with a lawyer or have a exact lawyer in brain to suggest you, you can specify that the policemanmanmanman try to come to your solicitor. You will have two options for free criminal lawful help when you are called to the station or arrested. You may take recommendations from the obligation solicitor who is next on the rotation, or you may demand your own lawyer. If you demand your own solicitor, the police will try to communicate your solicitor’s agency on your behalf.

Face-to-Face Consultation

You may be entitled to meet with your lawyer face to face at no cost to you, or you may only be deserving to a telephone discussion. In drink going by car cases, for demonstration, lawless person lawful aid will only pay the cost of a phone discussion with your lawyer. In situations of assault, robbery or deception, you may be deserving to an in-person discussion with your lawyer.

Look for an skilled lawyer

When you are facing criminal allegations, you need a lawless person solicitor. The individual who handles your contracts and lawful filings isn’t expected to have the know-how and in-depth understanding of the lawless person court scheme. It’s furthermore helpful to have a professional who is familiar with the local court agents and magistrates.