Best Juices For Constipation

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Best Juices for Constipation

Constipation is a common problem that millions of people suffer from every day. It is no fun and can be downright painful. But it can be prevented. Juice from fresh fruits and vegetables have the natural acids and enzymes needed for digestion. To prevent and relieve the pain caused by this constipation, why not drink your way to a better health by incorporating more fresh juice into your diet? What are the best juices for constipation?

Best Juices for Constipation

One of the best juices for constipation is cold water. The main cause of constipation is dehydration. Water is the foundation of good health and it helps to flush toxins from our body.

Best Juices for Constipation

If you’re looking for a simple way to ease lingering constipation, drink lots of liquids daily. Fresh juices are beneficial for the digestion system and cause less inflammation in the body than other types of fruit drinks or sodas. There is no one answer to what kind of juice you should drink because everyone’s body reacts differently to fruits and vegetables.

Prune juice

Prune juice is one of the best known juices to improve constipation and it’s unpleasant side effects like bloating gas pains and irritability.

Best Juices for Constipation

Apple juice

Apple juice like prunes apples contains sorbitol. However, the effect on the gut is gentler. So apple juice is better for children with constipation.

Best Juices for Constipation

Pear juice

Pear juice is another great juice for constipation as it has four times more sorbitol in it than apple juice. It is another great choice for children with constipation due to its sweeter taste.

Best Juices for Constipation

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a great way to prevent constipation. It’s also high in vitamin c and other nutrients that help with digestion, so it can be used as a healthy form of detoxing too!

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is a delicious and refreshing drink. However it can help to relieve constipation. This is because of the bromelain in the pineapple juice, which is a natural enzyme that helps break down proteins.

Fig juice

Another well-known go-to for constipation is the good old fig. Figs contain plenty of fiber.
They also have enzymes that are known to speed up how fast waste travels along the bowel. The enzymes also help to relieve the pain of constipation.


Spinach is a mild tasting vegetable that is packed full of nutrients that can help ease constipation. It also has lots of fiber which we have already learned can help move things along. The delicate flavour means it can be added to many juices without altering the flavour.

Best Juices for Constipation

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