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Lazy bird

This story is a story about birds. One mother bird brought pieces of sticks, pieces of straw, and pieces of cotton and made a wonderful nest. After making the nest she laid four eggs. The eggs were kept warm every day. One day four baby birds came out from eggs.

Lazy bird

Now the mother bird has four baby birds. So mother bird was very happy. She loved little babies very much. The baby birds were always hungry. The mother bird brought little seeds and worms and feeds them to the little ones. All the baby birds ate them. There was a sleeping one. Time passed day by day. The little ones grew up. The baby birds spent their time very happily. After the baby birds were a little bigger, the wings have also grown well.

Lazy bird

One day the mother bird said:
“I will teach my babies to fly. Then you will be able to fly in the distant sky like us. Fly from tree to tree and find delicious fruits and eat them.”

Three of the baby birds began to fly. They learned to fly early. After that, they used to fly to small trees and branches. Now those three babies can fly wonderfully.

But one of the baby bird didn’t learn to fly. It was very lazy bird. It didn’t want to learn to fly. That one liked to eat the food given by mother bird and sleep all the day. Mother bird was very sad about that baby bird. One day a bird seller came to go under this tree. He catches beautiful baby birds and takes them to the city to sell them. The bird seller came under the tree and saw the bird’s nest. Saw baby birds too. He thought that the four baby birds could be sold at a good price. He started climbing the tree. When the tree shook, the baby birds felt scared. They saw the man.

A thief, a thief, we flew quickly. One of the baby birds said. Three flew away. But the lazy bird alone in the nest. That baby bird couldn’t fly. It started screaming in fear. The other three baby birds started screaming around. The mother bird heard the chirping of the baby birds. The mother bird flew speedy. Mother bird whirled around the seller and started to punch him head. The seller was very hurt. The merchant came down from the tree while screaming. Mother Bird made it worse. The seller ran away without looking back. The baby bird, who was alone in the nest, was scared and stuck in the nest. The mother bird felt sad for the innocent baby bird.

Lazy bird

“Mom, teach me to fly too” said the little bird half-heartedly. Does my baby even now understand the trouble he caused because he did not learnt to fly? I will teach my baby to fly today. The mother bird started teaching the baby bird how to fly. The baby bird is not bored now. The baby lazy bird learned to fly with great enthusiasm. The baby bird was able to learn to fly very quickly. Now all four birds can fly as one. The mother bird is no longer afraid of the four babies. The mother bird watched the four babies fly far away in the sky. How happy is mother bird now?

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