The Lion and The Mouse

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The Lion and The Mouse

Once upon a time in the vast open plains of the Savannah there lived a mighty lion named Leo. Leo was the king of the jungle and all the animals feared him. He was strong Fierce and proud. He believed that no one in the jungle was stronger than him.

One day, while Leo was out haunting he got caught in a hunter’s trap. He struggled and roared with all his might, but the Trap was too strong for him to break free. As he lay there helpless, a tiny mouse named Mika came scurrying by. Leo feeling embarrassed and weak growled at Mika, “What can a tiny Mouse like you do to help me? Go away and leave me alone”. But Mika being brave and kind replied, “I may be small but I can still help. I will not through the ropes that bind you and set you free.” Leo not believing Mika scoffed at him and said, “why would you help me, I am the king of the jungle and you are just a mouse” But Mika with a smile on his face said, “Even a tiny Mouse can help those in need, even if they are a mighty lion like you.” Mika quickly gnawed through the ropes and Leo was free.

The Lion and The Mouse
The Lion and The Mouse

Leo was shocked and grateful for the mouse’s help. He thanked Mika and apologized for his earlier harsh words. From that day on Leo and Mika became friends. Leo learned that true strength and power come from helping others and not being too proud. And Mika learned that even the smallest of creatures can make a big difference in the world. Leo always remembered Mika’s kindness and he would not hesitate to help the small mouse whenever he needed it. The moral of the story is that no one is too small or too big to make a difference and that friendship and kindness can come in the most unexpected forms.

The Lion and The Mouse

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