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Yoga after Meal

Generally we practice yoga before eating with empty stomach or practice yoga either in the morning or evening. But there is a yoga after food also. It is must you have to follow few Principles. There are few things to remember when practicing yoga after meal. First thing is that when you eat lunch or dinner never eat excess food. Prevent from over eating / excess eating. Our eldest says half stomach is enough if not half stomach at least 70 percent. When 75 percent feel it at least 25 to 50 percent. You have to leave it empty. So that is first principle.

Yoga After Meal

Second principle is that after eating food never drink water. You have to keep gap of at least half an hour. If you throw water after food immediately, so you’ll the acidity and all these things forms because of throwing water along with food. Therefore never do this at least half an hour you have to give the gap of taking water.

Yoga After Meal

Third principle is that don’t take shower after taking food. It is not at all advisable so there will be a reaction between the body and then food system. Normal digestion process of your body is disrupted if you take a bath just after eating. Additionally, digestion requires a lot of energy, which makes an adequate supply of blood into the stomach essential. Temperature of your body rises a little after eating because blood is sent to your digestive system. But the blood flow will be diverted if you take a shower shortly after eating. Digestion is delayed as blood that was intended for the digestive process begins to flow to other bodily areas. Making this error could cause pain and cramping in the stomach. So that is why it is not advisable to take the shower after the food.

Yoga after meal

Another important thing is that shouldn’t have fruits. Most of the people they keep on the dining table few fruits after having lunch or dinner. They’ll take out the fruits and they’ll eat. It’s not advisable. It puts more strain on the digestive system and might give you a stomachache and other problems. You have to eat fruits always empty stomach either in the morning 11 o’clock, two o’clock around that period or evening time. That is the right period which we can advise and important Point.

Another principle is that no tea or coffee after the lunch and dinner. Because it deforms the acidity. Because tea leaves are acidic, digestion will be delayed. After having a meal that contains protein, the acid in the tea will stiffen the protein, making it harder to digest. Drinking coffee or tea just after a meal will also prevent the body from properly absorbing iron. So it is better to have a gap of one hour before and after meals with drinking tea and coffee.

Yoga after meal

Those are the simple principle you have to remember.

How to do yoga after meal

All the asanas can be do before food. But there is only one Asana, it is advisable after having your lunch and dinner. That Asana is vajirasana. Many of you have an idea about this asana. It is sitting on your heels. Sit on your heels for some time how following figure show you.

Yoga after meal

You have to sit five to ten minutes. At least five minutes if possible 10 minutes. But, if you have any knee problem please do not sit like this. Yoga practitioners advise staying away from Vajrasana if you have a knee condition or have just had knee surgery. a problem with the spinal cord, particularly with the lower vertebrae, intestinal hernias, ulcers, or any other issues with the intestines. Don’t sit on your Padma this Vajrasana. That’s it normally, so for them it is advisable to sit or it for them it is advisable to walk. But walking is not advisable immediately after taking the food. You have to give a gap of at least half an hour. Then after that you can walk how much time five to ten minutes or you can count 500 counts 500 counts of steps. Another important point is that never take nap/ no never go to the bed /never sleep after food, because sleeping is going to discourage your body and digestion system. Whereas if you do Vajrasana, It is much advisable because it is going to encourage it is going to be useful for your digestion system.

As mention in above,
-Sit five to ten minutes in Vajirasana
-Walking ten minutes after half an hour.
-No drinking of water
-No coffee tea
-No shower
-No power nap
You can have water, coffee or tea, nap, after some period, but not immediately after having your lunch and dinner.

Benefits of Vajrasana after meal

Process of digestion takes place after food is chewed and through the esophagus. It reaches to our stomach where it’s turned for hour and all the important vitamins and minerals are extracted. The digestion itself is a heavy task for our body and it requires a lot of blood in the stomach at the process of digestion. Commonly after a meal, we take a walk but that’s where things start to go wrong. As you walk your blood starts flowing in the leg muscles. The blood which was supposed to be at the stomach hence delaying the digestion. Fast walking after heavy meal is a common go to option for many people.

But unknowingly they are further delaying the process of digestion. On the other hand practicing Vajrasana after a heavy meal can do wonders.

This posture restricting the blood flow in legs and accumulating it in to the stomach. This will help in digesting the food faster and better. Its right to code that practicing Vajrasana is acts as a catalyst in the process of digestion. But there are few things to keep in mind that the goal of Vajrasana is to sit as still as possible. It is not advised to do any other work while you are in the posture like saving chopping vegetables or any other other work.

Because engaging yourself in any other activity will start a similar chain reaction as in walking. The ideal time for practicing Vajrasana is varies from 10 to 15 minutes. Vajrasana makes you strong, energetic and healthy. But people suffering from knee pain, ankle pain, and pregnant women or if you have gone through any surgery recently please do not practice this asana.

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